Here are some documents somehow related to my DS19

During the background research of my DS19 I have found a lot of interesting facts and documentation, I am also collecting some brochures and articles from the time. In this way I want to share some of that material with whoever may be interested. Please respect that the documents are intended for your personal use only and may not be sold or distributed elsewhere.

Most files are in PDF format requiring Adobe reader.


Users manual

Swedish 1956/57

PDF 1,5 Mb

UK Patent Julius Lindblom

PDF 1,1 Mb

Attraction 1981

Thomas Claesson

PDF 464 Kb

SE Patent Julius Lindblom

PDF 724 Kb


Julius Lindblom

PDF 568 Kb

Sales brochure

American 1958

PDF 1 Mb

Paris Match

October 1955

PDF 1.2 Mb

Sales brochure

Swedish 1956

PDF 1.2 Mb

Antivol lock

French 1958

PDF 216 Kb

Motor oct. 1 -55

Swedish mag.

PDF 1,3 Mb

Press image

DS19 1958

JPEG 1357x1031pix

Ny teknik 1990

Julius Lindblom

PDF 556 Kb

The system installed

Photo by

Julius Lindblom

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Documents from the history of my DS19:

(Scanned from my own original documents)

Related documents:

(Scanned from my own original documents)

Essential Citroën documents:

(Many thanks to Mr. Tony Jacksson!)

Spare parts
English 1956-62
PDF 54,2 MbDocuments_files/DS19Parts_1.pdf
PDF 38,5 MbDocuments_files/DS19Manual_1.pdf
Body repair
 English 1964
PDF 16,9 MbDocuments_files/471.pdf

Press image

DS19 prototype 1955

JPEG 2835x2072pix

Press image

DS19 prototype 1955

JPEG 2835x2068pix

New Citroën? -52

Swedish mag. speculation sketch by M. Karlström.

PDF 1,3 Mb